DreamGaming – A Review of the Live Dealer Software Company


Founded in Istanbul, DreamGaming provides a variety of live dealer games for the global casino industry. They offer a unique live casino experience and are known for offering some of the best Asian live dealers in the business. Their services are used by many top online casinos across Asia and the world such as SG Online Casino, 96Ace, DON99 and more.

The company is led by co-founder and CEO Soner Aydemir, who grew up in Turkey. He says the country has the talent needed to develop new businesses and is a good fit for a global gaming company. URL www.rwybet.vip/dreamgaming//

Aydemir said he was inspired to start DreamGaming after working at Peak Games. At Peak Games, he learned that developing a game is a long process and that you need to pay attention to small details. He believes this strategy can help to build Lifetime Value in a game and that he is committed to it.

A Beginner’s Guide to DreamGaming: Tips for Getting Started

He explained that he plans to release one new title per year and that the team will take their time and do it right. This will allow them to maintain quality and ensure that they continue to be a great software provider.

The game industry is very volatile, so developers must keep coming out with new titles in order to remain competitive. The DreamGames team understands this and is committed to making sure they do it right the first time around.

With the recent funding, they will be able to focus on building their next game while maintaining their current games. This is a great strategy as it will allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

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