How to Deal With Negative Escort Reviews

escort reviews

If you’re a sex worker, you know that the internet is not kind to your reputation. There are escort reviews, erotic review boards and message sites where johns critique everything from a girl’s face and body to her intelligence and conversationalist skills. Even a good sex worker can be ripped apart on these websites. But what’s a girl to do when she finds herself the subject of one of these online reviews? Learn more

A sex worker who wants to thrive in the industry needs her clients to give them positive testimonials on these review sites. The more positive reviews an escort has, the more men will be able to see her as their companion of choice, and the more money she’ll bring in. That’s why it’s important for an escort to be able to challenge unfair and inaccurate reviews from time to time.

How Escort Reviews Can Help Providers Build a Positive Reputation

But a review that’s not only scathing but also deceptive can have serious consequences for an escort’s career. The escort’s name and reputation may be damaged if the client who wrote the negative review reveals in his testimonial that she was a pimp, for example, or that he was so upset with her service that he refused to pay her the full price of her contract.

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